About Us

Oxford University Surf Club is a fun and relaxed society which runs trips around the UK and abroad to popular surfing destinations with the aim of getting Oxford students out of the library and in the water.

What is surfing?

Surfing is a water sport in which the surfer rides on the moving forward face or broken part of a wave which carries the surfer towards the shore. Its origins date back over 500 years in early Polynesian cultures and the sport continued to be practiced, and in the 1920s the popularity of the sport exploded. The surfing-hype spread throughout the world and 50 years ago marks the birth of the surf culture here in the UK. Oxford University Surf Club was started up in 2002 and has been ferrying students to breaks across the country and beyond ever since. Being a surfer involves strutting up and down the beach for excessive periods of time carrying a surfboard, partying, being very chilled and having a love and desire to catch waves.

Surfing at Oxford

As many people correctly point out, there is no sea in Oxford. Therefore, at least once a term, we leave Oxford and travel to a top UK surfing destination to surf. We’ve got qualified lifeguards and surf instructors within the club so whatever your ability, we can either teach you to surf, improve your surfing, or just make sure you have a mad time. We also hold an annual trip to Morocco in 9th week Hilary, places on which are hotly contested.


Since we're (far too often in our opinion) out of the water most of the time and plagued with the depressingly wave-less dreaming spires of Oxford we like to make good use of our time to socialise as a club. So far this year we've packed out Arzoos in our Surf vs Ski&Snow crewdate, which was, modestly, described as "huge", we've thoroughly welcomed new surf club members to the club with our tradition of surf club drinking games and, in accordance with the unwritten laws of the club, we've spent far too much time in the fine establishment otherwise known as Park End.